We're still working.

Since we last posted an update here, all sorts of progress has been made behind the scenes. We have divided the work into three broad tasks (roofing, steeple, and everything else) and selected Weathercheck LLC as the roofing contractor back in early May.

Because of unexpected delays in getting final approval from LCHIP and DHR, we will not begin that portion of the work until September 2010. In the meantime, we'll be working on finalizing the specifications for the rest of the work and perhaps accomplishing some of the smaller painting projects and carpentry over the summer. Work on the steeple had been planned for the fall, so we need to finalize a contract and strategy for that work as well.

We have the funds for roofing, but the rest of the project remains unfunded at this point, so fundraising is now (finally) a top priority. We've delayed as long as possible while all the other puzzle pieces were put into place, but now it's critical if we are to meet our timetable. The church's Finance Committee and Trustees have taken up the challenge of raising about $75,000 from the congregation and wider community. With the $15,000 challenge grant and some other early commitments, we're off to a good start.

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