The inevitable.

Well, it's been some weeks since the roofing began, and everything remains on schedule, if not on budget. First, the roof grew larger. Apparently, the plans from the mid-1980s specified the wrong area, so we had another 4,000 square feet of materials to purchase. Then we found that water had been running underneath the snow belt, and the sheathing had rotted out. This too seems like an error from the mid-1980s. We had planned on repointing and reflashing the chimneys, but at least one needs to be rebuilt from the roofline up. And then there is about 80 feet of step flashing to replace between the old meetinghouse and the Fellowship Hall addition. Altogether, we are running about $20,000 over our best-case budget. (Perennial optimists, we didn't have a worst-case budget!) As disheartening as these developments might be, they also confirm the need for making these repairs now. The building simply could not wait any longer.

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