Phase two is winding down.

We are pleased to report that the steeple painting is nearly completed. Our painters still need to install some decorative elements, replacing those that have rotted out over the last decade, but otherwise they are finishing up by spreading loam and grass seed to cover the tracks of the man-lift. Fortunately, the steeple was mostly in good shape and should remain that way, protected by three new coats of paint. We have been very pleased with the professional manner and high quality of the work done by Jason Foster's crew. Great job. The highly-visible site was always presentable‚ÄĒespecially on weekends when the meetinghouse saw regular use.

Next, we need to check our bank balance and confer with more contractors about the final phase of the project. It will be something of a catch-all, dominated by masonry, trim repair, and still more painting. Stay tuned for the details.

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