In the final phase.

The old meetinghouse is a busy place these days, with both masons and painters using their aerial lifts to reach up to the eaves. Our schedule has been pushed back into July because of poor weather in May and early June, but LCHIP has extended our completion deadline to September 30, 2012, so we should be in fine shape to meet our grant obligations.

Despite the unintended overlap between the masonry and painting, the projects are coming together nicely — producing a building that hasn't appeared in such good overall condition in years. Community members have commented favorably on each stage of the project, but now they are getting a much closer look as the work descends from the steeple and roof, reaching ground level (and even slightly below).

Thank you to all the donors who have contributed, some more than once. With just a few people managing this entire multi-year project, your timely response to our periodic appeals has been most welcome.

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