By the numbers.

Jack Blessing, project treasurer, has just prepared a financial report for the upcoming South Church annual meeting. Some comments about the report...

We still need $7,000 from the community (church members, Newport residents, and local businesses) in order to meet our budget and qualify for a final $5,000 challenge grant. This is a MINIMUM. We have depleted more of the Capital Reserve Fund for contingencies (unanticipated work & materials) than originally planned. So, although we need only $7,000 to complete the current project, any surplus will return to the Capital Reserve in order to fund follow-on projects (e.g. sanctuary painting, carpeting, curtains).

Also noteworthy: for every $1 community contribution to this project, we receive an ADDITIONAL $2.80 in the form of grants, challenges, endowment income, and bequests. Now that's donor leverage!

▶ Download the financial report.

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