Look familiar?

You never know when something will rekindle interest in a project. Having thoroughly researched the architectural history of the South Church, we were surprised to run across a familiar looking church facade on the cover of "New Hampshire Profiles" magazine (February 1961 issue). 

No, it wasn't the South Church of Newport. It was an architectural cousin like those already documented by historian Peter Benes in his Templeton Run. At Jaffrey (NH) the 1775 meetinghouse was retrofitted with an Elias Carter style steeple—a fact that has appeared as a footnote on the map of Carter's influence. Now we learn that the 1764 meetinghouse in Westmoreland was moved twice, enlarged, and then remodeled in the Carter style, complete with a new porch, pilasters, elliptical window, and a truncated steeple missing one octagonal stage. These renovations were undertaken in 1824 and completed with the installation of a Revere bell in 1826.

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