A roundtable discussion.

Representatives from Acworth, East Derry, Lisbon, Newport, and Penacook met today in order to share ideas and learn about the current status of each other's projects. The meeting was facilitated by the NH Preservation Alliance and was quite helpful, as each church is at a slightly different stage. Some are planning, some are fundraising, some are circling back to previous steps but all share two constraints: funding and staffing. Some are making progress by collaborating with the town or neighboring entities. Others feel stymied but remain hopeful.

Within this peer group, we think the Newport project will be modest in scope, complexity, and expense. We are still awaiting the architect's report and estimates. In the meantime, we are connecting with the local historical society and other organizations, drafting magazine and newspaper articles, and cleaning up our church database—all this in preparation for the uncomfortable work of fundraising.

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