The roof is leaking.

This story begins with a leaky roof—water dripping from the kitchen ceiling onto the stove below. This is not in the oldest part of the building but in a newer addition behind the sanctuary. Caulking gun in hand, volunteers headed for the slate roof as soon as the weather permitted.

This is a problem. A leaky roof, ignored, can destroy a building. The Trustees asked the congregation what to do at the next Annual Meeting. With good sense, the meeting voted to raise $100,000 in order to replace all the roofs with new slate, which is the most expensive but most durable option available.

Enthusiasm waned as the prospect of raising the money grew more dim with each passing member. The congregation once included more than its share of generous business leaders— but their numbers were dwindling. While some churches struggle with problems 10x the scale, even $100,000 seemed like a stretch. The leaky roof would have to wait come what may. Add it to the prayer list!

© New Hampshire Steeples, 2012