LCHIP grant application.

We drove our Land & Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) grant application down to Concord this morning, a few hours before the noon submission deadline. 

Although we had already done much of the groundwork, the one missing item was a documented estimate for the project and its various components. This proved more difficult than expected, as one well-regarded steeplejack who had viewed the job became unreachable.

Having held out hope for as long as possible, we invited a local contractor to survey the job with just days to spare; he provided the numbers we needed in the nick of time. And there was more good news: his numbers matched our off-the-cuff estimate of the total cost, so our targets remained unchanged at $160,000. Our LCHIP request was $50,000, matching what we already have committed from our Capital Reserve Fund. We must raise at least $60,000 in private donations in order to fully fund the project — and perhaps twice that much if we are unsuccessful in our grant request.

Our prospects for getting LCHIP funding are quite uncertain, of course, as there is a long list of worthy projects from around the state competing for the limited funding. We'll find out in January 2010, so there's plenty of time to work on other things: fundraising materials, a building stewardship plan, and detailed project specifications among them.

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