FAQs About the Trip

Here are some of the questions often asked about the trip. They should give you an idea of the trip logistics, but please contact us if you have any additional questions.

▷ Do I need prior experience?

No paddling experience is required to go on the Canoe Trip. However, all first-time participants are required to attend Shakedown Day (see below).

▷ What is Shakedown Day?

Shakedown Day is a planned day trip on the Connecticut River. It is a day that skills are evaluated by the trip and group leaders. It is also a day to get to know one another.

▷ What equipment do I need?

All equipment is provided by the Outdoor Ministries Council (OMC) except your sleeping bag, clothing, and personal hygiene kit.  ▶ Download the Equipment List

▷ How should I pack?

In addition to water bottles, all of your gear should be packed securely in two waterproof bags: a river bag and a day bag.  ▶ View our illustrated Packing Suggestions

▷ How far away is LaVerendrye?

LaVerendrye is approximately 455 miles from South Congregational Church in Newport, NH. The drive to the park (including gas and rest stops) takes 10-12 hours, depending on traffic and weather. Stops are planned about every 3 hours for gas, with a longer stop mid-way for drivers to sleep.  ▶ Learn more about LaVerendrye.

▷ What does it cost?

The cost per camper is $450. This fee covers equipment, food, LaVerendrye Park fees, and transportation. Some need-based financial aid is available—contact the trip leader to learn more.

A wilderness journey to self-discovery.