What to expect

Things I love...

 Singing on the open water to pass a 15-kilometer paddle. 

 The feeling of accomplishment after a long portage. 

 Playing Ultimate Frisbee in the shallow lake water. 

 Watching the Northern Lights

 Playing mafia around the campfire, and I love the Council’s unique way of helping people open up to each other.

—Madeline, Newport NH

You will surprise yourself.

Campers come from all backgrounds and from well beyond the Newport area. When asked to describe what they value about the experience, campers often share comments like these: 

"Meeting new and old friends, working and playing hard, singing, laughing, being more open—all make me stronger. The canoe trip prepares me for the upcoming [school] year. I want to go on this trip for as long as I possibly can."

"Thank you for getting me into the Canoe Trip. In a sense, it changed my life. This trip was so inspirational. I learned so much about myself... I will definitely be going next year."

Such reflections convince us that campers experience something truly special: an opportunity for life-changing, personal growth. Interested? Read Megan’s story.

A wilderness journey to self-discovery.